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What We Do

Business Loans Pty Ltd (“Business Loans”) offers Australian businesses a full range of business finance options. We specialise in
offering business loans and equipment finance but can also offer a range of other financing products. We provide a non bank business lending alternative to Australia’s business owners that is simple to apply for, is 100% online, and delivers funding to businesses in a fast and efficient manner.

Why use rather than the Banks ?

We don’t discourage businesses from applying for finance through the Banks. In fact, we are the first to admit that
Bank finance is often the most cost effective means of obtaining a business loan. However, the banks in Australia have in recent years increasingly focused on consumer lending and large corporate lending with a reduced focus on small to medium
business lending. The result is, that for most small and medium sized businesses, obtaining finance from
the Banks is a difficult and lengthy process.

Some of the issues in seeking business finance from the banks include:

  • Loan processing can take a long time (often longer than 30 days)
  • Credit policies are strict and inflexible
  • The documentation requirements can be excessive
  • The Banks often require property security


While we encourage you to speak to your Business Banker about your business finance needs, we also recommend you submit a quick and simple application with so that you understand all of your finance options.

How Are We Different ?

Business lending is all we do. Business Loans Pty Ltd was established to fill the gap in the small to medium business lending market in Australia. Our objective is to make business lending as fast and efficient as it should be for Australia’s business
customers and help each business achieve its growth objectives.

We pride ourselves on being:

  • Technology Focused

    Our entire business loan process, from application through to funding, is 100% online.
  • Fast and Responsive

    We seek to turn around business loan applications in under 24 hours and can often fund a business loan within 48 hours.
  • Flexible and Customer Focused

    We understand the challenges facing Australian small business and attempt to find flexible financing solutions that can help them achieve their objectives.
  • Ethical and Transparent

    Business Loans Pty Ltd was founded on the principals of full transparency. We are clear and concise with respect to the fees and charges on products and if we think there is a better financing solution for you in the market place, we will tell you.